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Max Effort Member Testimonials

June 18th 2015

Some days I feel so confident and sure and other days I am an anxious wreck. I have always been a worrier. I have always struggled with the expectations I put on myself and being accepting of my own shortcomings. With that being said, I am beyond amazed and thankful of the changes I have made in my life in the past year. I have never been stronger physically, and I get stronger mentally and more confident each day. For the first time in over a decade, I don't feel ashamed for my husband to have me at his side. I am so appreciative of the encouragement and support I get from him, my family, my coaches, my friends, and my gym family. I no longer let my weight define my self-worth. Joining Max Effort Fitness and the lifestyle changes I've made because of that has changed me on so many levels. I am looking forward to continuing a long and exciting journey on this path. I'm not looking for accolades or pats on the back. I just want to share how empowered I feel so other people know it's possible for them too. You don't "have to" live any way you don't want to live. At 37 or 27 or 67, you can change if you want to and be the person that makes you happy.

~Sandy Else

Septmber 16th 2014

Well today Im a couple months just shy of my two year anniversary with my trainer Stephanie Collins. Never have I stayed on the right path for this long. Every diet or gym I joined would last about 6 months tops and only a few pounds lost. How was I not losing weight if Im starving myself or eating smart ones meals three times a day?. Always the same outcome in the end of failure that would lead to packing on more pounds. Total Frustration all the time. It sucks when you you're too tired to play with your kids or walking that laundry basket upstairs has you so out of breath.

When walking into Max Effort Fitness to train with Steph it was something I never thought I would ever do or like. I had in my head It wasn't going to last it was too hard. Ladies don't lift barbells! Gastric bypass was my original plan and I was just going to stick with it.

Day one I was handed a book to keep track of all my workouts and weights. I Had no clue what the hell I was doing . I normally would walk into a gym do about an hour and a half of cardio and then play around on weight machines for about a half hour. Here I had a workout already written on the board and a class with a bunch of ladies who were always so welcoming and all willing to jump in and help me when I looked like I was struggling. I still thought this wasn't for me. But with the amazing direction I was getting from my trainer and the support of the people in the class I had to try.

I was in a class with an amazing trainer and amazing people. It felt like family and I only knew these people for a few months. Nobody ever gave up on you so you didn't give up on yourself. Trust me some workouts were so hard you never thought you were going to finish or in your head being last is going to suck. Well you really never finished last everyone was there cheering you on and then jumping in to push you to finish strong. Every time I Finished. You never feel more loved then when you are pushed to your limit and everyone is in it with you. I LOVED IT!!

As of today I'm down 30 pounds and went from a size 20/22 to a 12/14! My bench is 110, my back squat is 175, my dead-lift is 225, and my push press is 100 and my press is 85. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think any of this was ever possible. I love it. Nothing keeps you going then knowing that you keep bettering yourself!! Plus the class that you are in is always supportive, positive and FUN! ask yourself that question. When was the last time you went to the gym and your workout was fun?

I'm so thankful that Stephanie didn't let any of her clients down and opened another gym for us in just a short period of time. Max Effort Fitness!! That shows true dedication from a trainer!! Its just so wonderful being Part of something that keeps you going, keeps you motivated, keeps changing you and knowing you have so much support from trainers.

I love Max Effort , I love my trainers, Stephanie, Anthony and Chelsea. All are so great! They give such wonderful direction, advice and completely educate you on every step you take.

Thanks so much for always pushing me and for always having faith in me.

~Chery Bradley

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