Congrats to Misty Link for being April's Athlete of the month!!

Congrats to Misty for being Max Effort Fitness's athlete of the month. Misty wakes up EVERY morning at 4:30 am so she can attend the 5am class 5 days a week. She never misses a day, and she is always making sure other members of the 5am class do the same. Misty has always been thin and is an avid runner, but she wanted to lose a few inches around her waist and build some muscle tone to her upper and lower body. She has come such a long way since I first met her 2.5 years ago. Read below to find out a little more about Misty.


How were you introduced to Max Effort Fitness? I followed Steph over from our previous gym.

What is your proudest accomplishment since being a member at MEF? Getting my kipping pull up.

What is your or biggest improvement since joining MEF? I have grown to like burpees and hang cleans.

What is your six month goal? I would like to be able to do a HSPU and possibly a muscle up

What is your favorite exercise? I like anything with body weight.

What is your least favorite exercise? THRUSTERS!!!!!!!

If you created a workout, what would it be? I loved Helen, so something with running and body weight.

What is your Favorite cheat food? Homemade chocolate chips, can't resist them.

What do you love most about Max Effort Fitness? Without a doubt the people and the trainers and I don't like to think for myself so I like being told what type of workout to do. I also love working out with my daughter and stepdaughter, Amber and Cristie, that means the world to me! Someday I hope Danielle will be working out with us too!

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