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Congrats to Amber McCarrick for being February's Athlete of the Month!!

Congrats to Amber for being February's Athlete of the Month!! Amber has always been tall and thin through out her life and has a hard time gaining muscle. When Amber started out on her fitness journey her main goal was not necessarily to lose weight, but to gain lean body mass and make better food choices. Amber has completely changed the shape of her body, gained strength, and quality muscle all while maintaining her weight!


1. How were you introduced to Max Effort Fitness?

I was introduced to Stephanie through my mom at another gym where she coached. I loved her coaching style and followed her to MEF when she opened.

2. What is your proudest accomplishment since being a member at MEF?

So far I have competed in two team competitions and have been able to surprise myself with the movements I was able to successfully do, like OH squats and snatches, and the amount of weight I have lifted, especially the 155lb deadlifts in a WOD.

3.What is your or biggest improvement since joining MEF?

Being a part of Max Effort has helped me live a healthier lifestyle. I have changed my diet completely to help me get stronger and always make getting to the gym a priority. It's awesome to see your body change over time as you gain more muscle and become stronger!

4. What is your six month goal?

My six month goal is WIN a competition and stand on the podium!!!

5. What is your favorite exercise?

Pretty much anything over head, especially push press!

6. What is your least favorite exercise?


7. If you created a workout, what would it be?

Cash in: 75 dubs 4 rounds -10 hang clean -10 box jumps -10 wall ball sit ups Cash out: 75 dubs

8. What is your Favorite cheat food?

It's nearly impossible to pick one, but.. cookies, cookies, cookies, and ice cream!

9. What do you love most about Max Effort Fitness?

EVERYTHING! Max effort is one big supportive family of crazy gym lovin' people. The coaches at this gym go above and beyond to run a successful strength and conditioning class while taking time to focus on the little things, like helping you on a skill you want to achieve, or making sure a new member is comfortable in a class. Everyone wants to see each other succeed and achieve new goals, it's such a positive environment!

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Partner WOD: Split Reps 10 Pull ups/Ring Row 20 Push Press 30 OH Lunges 40 Back Squats 50 Weighted Sit ups

Strength: 10 min AMRAP 1 Deadlift 1 Hang Power Clean 1 Hang Squat Clean 2 Push Press Conditioning: 4 rounds 30 Dubs 20 Alt DB Snatches (50/35) 10 Wall balls 5 Chest to bar pull ups

Strength: Bench Press 1x8 @ 65% 1x8 @ 70 % 1x6 @ 80% 1x6 @ 85% Bicep curls 3 x 12 Tricep Curls 3 x 12 Conditioning: For Time 21 Power Cleans (135/95) 21 HSPU/Kneel and Press 400m Run 15 Power Cleans

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